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Welcome to the justCHAT PIN support page.

This page explains how to use your justchatPIN, which allows you not only to contact your favourite chat service at low cost, but also allows you to access the justChat straight service from all over the globe.

Accessing the justChat Service

via the Internet

Use our FREE justphone smartphone app you can download from Google Store or Apple iTunes. You will ned to register the dialler app with the username and justChatPIN number that we will provide you when you sign up to one of the justChat Minute Bundles available

Local Access Number UK, USA, Canada etc

Your private PIN, and chatPIN access number for your country will have been either sent to your e-mail address or texted to you depending on how you originally signed up.

The justChat service is accessed by dialling the chatPIN access number from your phone, and when asked, entering your six (or seven) digit PIN xxxxxx - (you will need touchtone or DTMF on your phone and country local telephone network - which is now 99% available internationally) Next, you will hear the chat service "menu" which will give you all the options you need to start chatting - including setting up your personal greeting.

You can top-up your justchatPIN on-line at our justchatPIN payments page

If you have any problems please contact us here or use our "Happy to Help" - bottom right

Users of chat services must be over the age of 18.
Service Provider = Phonecard Services Ltd. 24 hour helpdesk +442079669686 

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